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The Story of big melon gear
(Or: How one blockhead came up with a crazy idea, and two knuckleheads agreed to start a company with him)

big melon gear is the story of how one man—we’ll call him Kevin (and we’ll call him that because that’s his name)—had an off-beat idea for a company.  It was an idea born from years of frustration at not being able to cover his large head (not too large, mind you, not like he was called Grande Cabeza, or Big Coconut or even Pumpkin head—well not everyday, mind you; and not like people moved next to him on the beach to sit in the shade of his head, rather than spring for a handful of sunscreen--well, not all the time, anyway).  It was an idea born of years baking his uncovered head in the sun, of days spent yearning to be able to fit into one of those sporty little “one size fits all” caps, of holidays spent gritting his teeth and trying to keep his eyeballs from firing out of his skull while counting the minutes until he could remove the purportedly “extra large” hat that some well-meaning relative had misguidedly given him and then compounded by not so slyly begging “try it on!”

It was on one of those days when yet another poor-fitting hat was forming a San Andreas Fault-like fissure around his skull (as he sat in silent prayer that the hat, which gave all the outward appearance of being hermetically sealed to his head, wouldn’t suddenly give way from the strain and take off slingshot-like across the room, taking out small children, the cat, or Grandma’s collection of crystal bells) that he thought:  “Why isn’t there a company that makes hats for larger size heads?”

Fairly confident that he wasn’t alone in his predicament, Kevin let the idea bounce around in his head for several years (and let’s face it, there was plenty of room to bounce), until he had the guts to raise the point to someone else.  He brought it up to his sister—we’ll call her Gerry, because, well, you guessed it, that’s her name—who, based on years of experience watching him try to wear hats with relatively the same success rate (and entertainment value) of a fat man trying to squeeze into a pair of bike shorts, thought that this sounded like a good idea.  He couldn’t be the only startlingly handsome, large-headed man in America in need of a quality hat.  (Alright, she didn’t exactly say the first part of that sentence, but they both agree she liked the idea of the product.)

Then one day, completely out of the blue, he noticed that a friend of his was faced with the same unique challenge (why call it a problem, right?)  This man, we’ll call him Don (for the same reasons as above, blah, blah, blah), had taken the unique approach of confronting the obvious difficulties posed by his moderately enlarged cranium by simply ignoring them—he thumbed his nose at what the rest of the world properly perceived as a poor wardrobe choice by just perching an ill-fitting hat on the point at the top of his head, as if daring gravity—or a slight breeze--to knock it off. 

“You know that hat doesn’t fit your big melon, right, Don?” Kevin asked, pushing the bounds of their friendship. “I can’t find a hat to fit me and I love to wear hats, so what am I gonna do?” Don replied. “How about starting a company that makes them to fit people like us?” Kevin asked.

And that is how big melon gear was born.  We didn’t say it was a fascinating story.  Just our story.  Kevin, Gerry and Don—that’s us in case you still haven’t guessed--formed a company dedicated to making quality headwear that everyone can wear, gearing it toward the “enhanced craniums” but taking extra care not to leave out the “comfortably average” folks who most hats are designed for.

big melon gear is a company dedicated to the proposition that all heads are not created equal, that one size never fits all, and that the key to everlasting inner peace and tranquility is simply to remember on a daily basis to “love your melon.”